The Next iPhone Rumored to Feature a Glasses-Free 3D Display

After television manufacturers, the smartphone world is also taking forward steps to expand the 3D craze. According to reports of a Chinese publication: Economic Daily News, Apple's unofficially dubbed iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s could feature a Glasses-Free 3D display. The Informant has claimed that corporation is endeavoring to give a 3D display to its next smartphone.

Apparently, users will not require to wear special glasses to experience a sense of depth after the invention of latest three-dimensional display technology. Here, it has been rumored that the tech giant will not adopt current in-cell touch technology to implement this new quest, which has been used in current iPhones and iPad Air.

Glasses-Free 3D Display in Next iPhone

The Publication has asserted that firm will collaborate with Taiwan's TPK that is a leading touch solution provider to develop naked eye 3D screen technology. At this place, it has been hypothesized that this Cupertino based company is working on a software ecosystem along with requisite hardware for display.

Notably, Apple has bought an Israel-based 3D-sensor technology company: PrimeSense last year, which has powered Microsoft’s Kinect technology. And, it is worth to say that this thing has also added fuel to fire. Moreover, the next-iteration has been said to deliver a “hyper reality” display that adjusts iPhone's home screen according to user's head movements in a possibly related move.

Glasses-Free 3D Display in Next iPhone

At this place, Amazon has already shown off a 3D-like technology in its  overpriced Amazon Fire phone  that is decked with head-tracking sensors. In this segment, there are also some smartphones such as HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D, which are the better rivals for Apple's unannounced flagship.