Xiaomi's new phone patents a Dual Front Camera At Bottom Of The Display

It has always been that the smartphone's design patents have left us with surprises, though not always revealing the real-world working models, they make us curious and interested by facilitating to peep in the mind of the creative design engineers who are the sole credible entities who bring imaginations and ideas to the real world.

It is Xiaomi which has recently filed a new patent showing a different approach towards offering a full-screen design which is in trends in the smartphone industry.

Xiaomi is coming this time with a Dual-lens camera placed at the bottom of the display and this is reflected in the Xiaomi's new patent, and this Chinese Company this time is not following the other Brands coming from China, like the OPPO and Vivo who are relying basically on elevating (pop-up) camera modules for delivering an immersive viewing experience.

This new smartphone is in sync to the earlier launched Company’s Mi Mix flagship smartphone which features a front-facing camera placed at the bottom of the display. But with its new model, the Brand is also offering a selfie camera aided by a secondary lens and above all, the camera setup is placed inside a notch.

It is LetsGoDigital who first reported regarding the design patents filed by Xiaomi. In the report it has been said that the Company Xiaomi has filed two design patents which has been applied at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

It was on March 29, 2019, when it first got published and the new patents reveals a smartphone having a sleek design. In place of keeping the dual-lens camera module at the top or inside any such housing, the first patent reveals a dual-lens camera which has been placed at the bottom of the display right at the center. Placing a front-facing camera in this position is quite rare and seems odd. This might also create a hurdle and drawback as the user may find it very inconvenient to take a selfie as this has been experienced with the Xiaomi's Mi Mix handset.

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Now, the second patent which reveals a design where there are two camera sensors which are placed at the bottom of the screen but are situated at the either side of the display plus inside small notches. Here we find the design of this second smartphone to be single of its type and is quite interesting and aesthetically appealing.

As whole of the information is based on the patents, it is actually not confirmed that whether these models would hit the real Mobile world or not.

Though, it would be a subject of curiosity to find out that what purpose would the two camera sensors fulfil, being placed on either side in case Xiaomi is a success in creating a real world device based on the second patent.

The patent also reveals other designing features and elements which include a dual-lens camera placed at the rear panel in the vertical manner. This smartphone being very sleek would be placed amongst the upper price bracket. We are at present not available with the crear picture on the front of the functional part of the handset as the handset is in its nascent stage.

In February 2019, one another patent came into picture which was filed by Xiaomi through which, a truly bezel-less design was showcased with a curved display. The screen, as per the patent was rounded off on all four sides and thus the look becomes quite immersive. The Smartphone’s patent which was filed in January 2019 and appeared in the Global Design Database of the WIPO in February 2019.

As the Brand has filed patents for two of its new smartphones it seems as if the Chinese Company is working on a number of designs to stay strong in the business of the full-screen smartphones and give a strong competition to the rivals like the OPPO, Vivo, Honor and OnePlus this year. An eagle’s eye would be bringing all the latest news updates in context to the patents launched by the Company.