Do you Own a Hyundai? A Smartwatch App for you to Control your Car

We are familiar and about unlocking the car from smartphone. Many of you are using the same technique to open your car’s door through some kind of smartphone app. But how many of you know about the new entry in this realm? Recently a new invention has been seen in the same line to leave back the old smartphone apps on backside.

If you own a Hyundai car, then unlocking your car need no more efforts. No need of smartphone app anymore, simply unlock through your Android Wear smartwatch. It will make your ride carefree, if you forget your smartphone at home. The Android Wear version of Blue Link app has been introduced for Hyundai owners. Now, power of controlling the vehicle has moved from your pocket to your wrist. The South Korean auto major Hyundai has announced a smartwatch app for its cars.

Android Wear Smartwatch App for Hyundai

This smartwatch app will not only help in locking and unlocking the car, but will also help in activating the safety features such as honking horn and flashing headlights. You can also start and stop the engine direct from your wrist using your Android Wear smartwatch via Blue Link app. App users can also call for the road assistance through this application.

This app connects Android Wear powered smartwatch with the smartphone’s Bluelink app using Bluetooth. Now, you can also give the voice commands also, thanks to Android Wear’s voice control feature. Just say “start my car," or "lock my car” and see the result. The car will work on your voice command given to the wearable app. This will show its functionality and capability at CES 2015.