Facebook Messenger's 'M' Now Shares GIFs and books movie tickets

Facebook’s Messenger is rolling out a few new automatic suggestions using artificial intelligence (AI) to the Messenger app's virtual assistant 'M'. 'M' will now suggest users several animated GIF options to share during group or one-to-one conversations on Messenger, responding to common expressions such as, “Good morning,” “I love you” and “Thank you” by auto-populating the GIF bar.

It will also provide a series of 'Quick Replies'. Anytime someone is asked a simple question - you may see “Yes” “No” And “I think so” quick replies from Messenger. Messenger has partnered with movie ticketing service Fandango chat extension to find movie showtimes or locations, view trailers when users mention a recently released movie and buy tickets without leaving the app. Users have the option to mute it in M settings and also to dismiss any suggestions it offers.

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Facebook introduced suggestions from M in April this year and has been adding new features to it backed by machine learning technology ever since. In June, Messenger had rolled out a feature that provided suggestions to users to send their friends virtual birthday cards

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