Intel Acquires Movidius, The Machine Vision Technology Firm

  • 7th, Sep 2016 4:59 PM
  • Subodh Kumawat
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Intel in its hunch towards more and more techno advancements has now taken a halt over the computer vision chipmaker Movidius. The news has been official from the company itself on their Intel Developers Forum, while the announcement was on the air on Project Euclid.

While, the Movidius is busy operating with its other clients like Google, DJI, FLIR, and Lenovo on the technology of machine vision, which are equipped with drones, security cameras, AR/VR headsets, it also joined the hands with Intel corporations for further advancements.

Intel buys Movidius

Movidius has also got its name while giving its technology in Google Project Tango devices and to know what this technology performs, this is capable of scanning the environment around a person with the help of 3D tools of a gadget like a camera and a sensor.

Intel's Senior Vice President and General Manager Josh Walden said, “With Movidius, Intel gains low-power, high-performance SoC platforms for accelerating computer vision applications. Additionally, this acquisition brings algorithms tuned for deep learning, depth processing, navigation and mapping, and natural interactions, as well as broad expertise in embedded computer vision and machine intelligence. Movidius' technology optimizes, enhances and brings RealSense capabilities to fruition."

Intel Acquires Movidius, The Machine Vision Technology Firm

Josh Walden further stated “The company will look to deploy the technology across its "efforts in augmented, virtual and merged reality (AR/VR/MR), drones, robotics, digital security cameras and beyond."

In the beneficial joining of both these companies Walden elaborated, “Computer vision will trigger a Cambrian explosion of computing, with Intel at the forefront of this new wave of computing, enabled by RealSense in conjunction with Movidius and our full suite of perceptual computing technologies."

This has also amalgamated all the 180 employees of Movidius into the Intel's Perceptual Computing group.

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