Samsung Pay Ready to Hit Smartphones in Second Half of 2015 [Video]

We had gone through the working of Samsung Pay earlier at MWC 2015 event. That time, it was demoed only and available on the newly launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but not in working condition. Well, to give a tough competition in mobile payment segment, the Soputh Korean tech juggernaut has finally come in the market with its own service.

Company has announced that it is going to release its Samsung Pay for its admirers in second half of the year. Soon a rival of Apple Pay has made entry in the same fray to show its competence in mobile payment. It is said that the service will be offering its services first in US and South Korea. Later it will reach in other countries.

On the other side, Samsung Electronics’ Managing Director, Park Jin-Young said, "the consecutive release schedule to the rest of the other countries […] in the second half of the year is still under discussion." The Samsung Pay was in rumours from a long time and company had put the lights on this at Mobile World Congress 2015. Click to understand step by step process to use Samsung Pay along with the functionality. See the Video to Understand the Working of Samsung Pay.

This uses the NFC technology to make payments. Well, currently this feature is available only in Galaxy S6 as we said above. The confirmation of its release in 2nd half is the clear hint of its arrival in other handsets also. However, we cannot say anything for the release of this mobile payment service until company itself doesn’t mark any confirmation on it.