Car sales will down in 2013

Slow year will continue in 2013 also as 2012. The sales of cars will increase with diesel models and most small cars are in petrol version so their sale will not increase much. The business depends on budget of 2013 as it can increase according to the changes in car business.

Companies are not excited in the New Year and they are saying that there is no charm in the market since 2012 and the upcoming year will be the same. The main part of sales will depend on diesel models and the high cost of petrol is the main reason behind the poor sale of petrol cars.

The chairman of largest car company of India Maruti Suzuki R.C. Bhargav said that 2013 will be a slow year and the condition will remain as the last year. He said that petrol models will remain slow as high cost and interest rates of the cars. Vice President of General Motors India P.Balendran said that the sale will increase and it will totally depend on the budget. If they announced as increment in car business then the car sales will increase in the New Year.

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24th, Dec 2012 6:38 PM
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