Diesel Cars are maintaining the status of Indian Automobile Industry

The war of domination between petrol and diesel version of cars, the diesel version has always won the leadership. Today the most sold cars in the country are of diesel version and where the sales of cars are very in the country, the diesel cars are still in demand.

People are waiting for 4-6 months for the models and the sales of diesel cars are on the record of 80%. In India, the market is totally in the favour of diesel models and only these models are able to maintain the status of Indian automobiles industry. Before two years ago Indian car industry had big partnership of petrol models but there are many diesel versions which were able to maintain the business of cars in the country.

In this list Renault has launched its car Duster with starting range of 8.39 lakh rupees, Hyundai has introduced Verna with 8.37 rupees, TATA Motor's Indica Vista is coming with starting price of 5.9 lakh rupees, Mahindra Bolero comes in 5.65 lakh, Ford Figo has starting range of only 4.81 lakhs, Nissan Micra is also a very successful model in this version, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire and Ertiga are also successful diesel cars.

12th, Dec 2012 4:10 PM
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Source: Business Bhaskar
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