New Samsung Galaxy S4 with more Smart Features

Finally Samsung has launched its much awaited smart-phone of new generation Galaxy S4. The launching event held in New York and it was a grand ceremony. Head of Samsung Mobile JK Shin unveiled this beautiful smart-phone that is powered by many new attractive features.

Its eye-tracking feature automatically stops the video when you distract your eyes while watching it. Xperia Z, HTC 1, Blackberry Z10 and iPhone 5 are going to get a tough competition from new S4. Smart pause feature stops the running video.

The unique features of the phone are:

A. The camera quality of the phone is 13MP and you can take 100 shots in just 4 seconds. S4 has a real time translator so you can easily translate another language to your own.

B. Health app and Chat-on features are also included in this smart-phone along with group play facility so you can play one song on many galaxy phones. Many games and utility applications are right here for you in this ultimate device.

C. Its touch-screen works even after wearing gloves and you can activate voice while you are driving.

D. S4 can be used as a personal server to store your files and 8 users can use it at a single time. Temperature and moisture sensor adjust it automatically according to the environment.

E. The memory is expandable upto 64GB to store your various media files.

F. You can operate this phone via television and its all unique features are very attractive and captivating.

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15th, Mar 2013 5:27 PM
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