Nokia Lumia Your Wish Is My App, A Reality Show

India's best mobile company Nokia has introduced country's first Apps reality show. For this reality show a panel of 5 judges is created. It includes Bollywood actress and youth icon Kalki Koechlin, Raj, Vishal Gondal, Vikas Khanna and Rajeev Makhani.

For "Nokia Lumia Your Wish Is My App" show they got more than 35000 ideas from all around the world. Nokia has started this show with NDTV. On this show applications should be made on the demand of cutomer for windows store. The main motto of this show is to take ideas of making application from Nokia and if these ideas are appreciated by the judges then they will be called to te studio. The first round is the selection round where applications are selected online and offline, and out of these only 50 are to be selected.

These best 50 will be E mailed and out of that some questions will be asked by judges and then again 35 cadidates are to be short listed and will be called to Delhi. They will be taken to Noida Film City to the NDTV studio. There contestant will be grouped into 6, each group consists of 6 to 7 candidates. Then one by one each member is asked about their application idea for 60 sec, after that there will be flood of questions on the contestant where application related questions will be asked. On this basis 9 candidates will be short listed for grand finale.

The winner will get a price of 1 million, runner up will get 0.5 million and the third ranker will get 0.2 million. All other 6 members will get the most innovative Nokia Lumia 920.

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14th, Feb 2013 2:48 AM
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