Reliance has launched their My Gold plan

Reliance money metals have launched their My Gold Plan in the market on Wednesday. According to this plan customers will the opportunity to store gold in physical format by daily average value system. The minimum subscription of thousand rupees per month is a reflection of the fact that at the minimum price of Rs50 per day would result in the accumulation of gold through it.

This is the first of its type in terms of accumulation of gold according to the company. This plan is launched in the market by business head of gold, Reliance money invest Rishit Sandhavi and director of world gold council Amresh Acharya. Acharya said that the high demand of gold in the Indian social life is indicating at the special occasions.

This trend has inspired us to present this plan that provides simple and secure way of savings as gold. It also makes easy to buy gold and other jewellery for different occasions through this type of saving.

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13th, Dec 2012 1:07 PM
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Source: Rajasthan Patrika
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