Hyundai and Honda Cars getting Expensive from April 1

Indian car manufacturer companies are again on a hike in price of their cars from April 1, 2013 to balance the amount of on-board diagnostic (OBD). Companies like Hyundai and Honda has declared about the price increment and now Maruti Suzuki India who is automobile giant of the country is planning to raise its car price.

Honda is going to increase the price by 2 percent due to OBD and the company has announced it officially. It has not opened full details and further processes. Price increment is based on new market values and strategies and the company has found the necessity of this increment. Several models are going to be affected with this price increment.

Sales and marketing vice president of Hyundai Motors India Rakesh Srivastava has stated company will increase the price but it has not given other details about this hike in price. For the value under customer satisfaction the company will try to lower the increment so that it becomes less problematic for trusty customers. After April,1 this price hike will take place and Honda and Hyundai will be first companies regarding this issue.

Currency fluctuation and input cost increment were the reasons behind earlier hike in car price. After 2013 budget SUV price has also increased due to high excise duty.

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14th, Mar 2013 7:05 PM
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