Samsung Smart Cameras in India

Samsung is a verity product under smart camera section. Smart camera is the technology that gives the opportunity to share the pictures instantly after clicking it. In these cameras, Wi-Fi feature available that it enables its user to get connected with internet and share the clicks onto social media including Facebook, Google +, pintrest, YouTube, etc. These cameras are called as smart because they cater smart zooming; smart capturing and start sharing that are difficult to find in one product.

Apart from this it also supports combining multiple photos, editing a photo, taking a panorama shot. The starting range of these smart cameras might be little bit higher than the other digital cameras but they features they are give are incomparable with them. Choose a Samsung smart camera and include your loving ones within your happy moments in form of camera clicks.

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Samsung WB200F
Rs. 9,940
  • 14.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 18x Zoom
  • 106.05 x 61.65 x 21.65 mm
Samsung WB350F
Rs. 15,454
  • 16.3MP Mega Pixel
  • 21x Zoom
  • 114 x 65 x 25 mm
Samsung WB150F
Rs. 12,900
  • 14.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 18x Zoom
  • 106.5 x 59.9 x 23.4mm
Samsung ST200F
Rs. 10,190
  • 16.1MP Mega Pixel
  • 10x Zoom
  • 99.6 x 18.9 x 58.3 mm
Samsung ST72
Rs. 8,044
  • 16.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 5x Zoom
  • 94.4 x 57.95 x 17.7(20) mm
Samsung DV150F
Rs. 10,047
  • 16.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 5x Zoom
  • 95.5 x 55.2 x 18.4mm
Samsung ES90
Rs. 5,231
  • 14.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 5x Zoom
  • 96.9 x 58 x 20.2mm
Samsung ST90
Rs. 9,110
  • 14.2MP Mega Pixel
  • 5x Zoom
  • 91.8 x 53.9 x 16.5 mm
Samsung ST5500
Rs. 15,400
  • 14 Mega Pixel
  • 7x Zoom
  • 103.8 x 58.3 x 19.6mm
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