Aston-Red Bull Partnership to Develop Mid-Engined Hypercar

The Red Bull F1 Team and Aston Martin are partnering together to launch a mid-engined sports car that would lock horns with the likes of LaFerrari and McLaren on the racing roads. The hypercar, when launched, is touted to set a new benchmark for others to follow. It would come with a price tag of approximately Rs 9 crore. Reportedly, the hypercars development team calls it as ‘brother of the Valkyrie’.

The LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 dawned the roads in 2013. A comparatively large gap is noticed between successive versions upgrades of such decade-defining cars. There was a gap of more than a decade between the launch of Enzo and LaFerrari. The reason for this is that such halo offerings or products consume a lot of production resource as well as require best technical brains. Keeping this in mind, we can say that This will give some initial advantage to the Aston-Red Bull hypercar.

The hypercar from the Aston-Red Bull partnership will surpass performance parameters of all previous production cars. Its potential competitors will include special editions that come out from the Ferrari and McLaren production house. The Senna GTR is a likely potential competitor.

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The similarities between the much-hyped ‘brother of Valkyrie’ and Aston Martin’s more mainstream offering the 488-Rival is yet to be revealed. However, beyond their basic layout, the two offerings are set to be poles apart from each other. The ‘brother of Valkyrie’ unlike other mainstream cars is supposed to be an epitome of the British Manufacturer’s skill in mid-engined supercar luxury market. The Hypercar is likely to be sold in extremely limited numbers.

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According to industry insiders, the British Automaker will introduce its electric vehicle technology with the ‘brother of Valkyrie’. The EV concept from the Aston Factory will be focussed on performance rather than the industry standard of efficiency. Aston is presently having a collaborative working association with Cosworth. The team is responsible for developing the 1,000+hp 6.5-litre V12 in the Valkyrie. Hence, a collaboration with
Mercedes’ AMG arm may be on the cards. In either case, the ‘brother of Valkyrie’’ will supposedly be powered by a V8 configuration. As per reports, the halo hypercar will rests on an all-new chassis architecture. The monocoque carbon fiber structure will comprise of similar aluminum sub-frames. The development team is using all the experience garnered during the making of its predecessor the Valkyrie.