Land Rover Hybrid SUVs Set to launch In India Before Year End

Jaguar Land Rover has planned many futuristic vehicles for India. The company has rolled up its sleeves to launch hybrid wheels in the country before the end of 2019. This step has been taken because of the JLR that has planned to bring electrified versions of all the models across the global portfolio by next year.

At present, there are only two vehicles under the Land Rover portfolio which has the ability of plug-in hybrid i.e. the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. So there are high chances that the company will at least launch one among both or might launch both of them till last 2019. Only for around 48km, both the SUVs can run on pure electric power.

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Prices of the SUVs

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The standard Vogue variant of the Range Rover costs Rs 76.18 lakh (converted, approx amount) in the UK. While in India, the same variant carries a price sticker of Rs 1.8 crore (ex-showroom). On the other hand, in the UK, the plug-in hybrid variant of the Range Rover carries a price tag of Rs 80.25 lakh (approx). So by this, it is speculated that it will come to India with a price sticker between Rs 1.9-2.0 crore range. But let us see which variant the JLR will bring in India and the price sticker will depend on that.

By the next year, Jaguar Land Rover is planning to launch its first fully electric vehicle in the country and it will be the I-Pace as per the confirmation.