Sales Comparison of Rivals: Royal Enfield Classic 350 Vs Bajaj Dominar 400

Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the Bajaj Dominar 400 are two potential products from the most popular bike makers in the Indian biking industry. Last year, when the Royal Enfield was enjoying its successful journey in the country. Bajaj Auto introduced a rival in the form of Bajaj Dominar 400 to bring commotion in the territory of where Royal Enfield Classic 350 rules (sub-500cc segment). However, besides spending a good amount of money on advertisements, the Bajaj Auto did not be able to misguide the cruiser bike maker from its success path. On the contrary, RE started earning 25-50 per cent more sales every month.

Things which came out from an observation that there was no mistake with the product Dominar 400 through the buyers' perception for both the products were totally different. Buyers don't find Dominar 400 as the Classic 350 rival. Also, you can experience it by just simply asking a random motorcycle guy that what he thinks about the bikes. Certainly, he will be able to differentiate both the bikes easily in a far better way than the Bajaj Auto. Is Dominar 400 is a true Classic 350 rival? The sales figures narrate a different story. Also, is there any similarity in terms of the design language of both the bikes? So, as per us, there is no competition between both the bikes.

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VariantsClassic 350Dominar 400
January 2017 39,391 Units 3000 Units
February 2017 40,768 Units 3000 Units
March 2017 39,973 Units 3216 Units
April 2017 43,978 Units 2000 Units
May 2017 39,721 Units 1500 Units
June 2017 42,149 Units 927 Units
July 2017 42,967 Units 1341 Units
August 2017 45,555 Units 1892 Units
September 2017 47,674 Units 2250 Units
October 2017 48,469 Units 1652 Units
November 2017 49,534 Units 1004 Units
December 2017 47,558 Units 925 Units
January 2018 53,221 Units 2072 Units
February 2018 48,557 Units 1982 Units
March 2018 50,111 Units 1561 Units
April 2018 52,075 Units 1373 Units
May 2018 51,147 Units 1191 Units
June 2018 50,426 Units 1277 Units
July 2018 44,054 Units 1381 Units
August 2018 44,610 Units 1122 Units
September 2018 44,021 Units 1095 Units
October 2018 46,148 Units 659 Units
Total Sales 10,08,126 Units 36,264 Units

No doubts, Dominar 400 is a great machine with capabilities of traversing miles all day without breaking a sweat, even at triple-digit speed. Also, the rider would not feel any numbness into the saddle. Bajaj could have explained these qualities besides an odd comparison and spending lots of money on TVC and videos. Along with a list full of premium features such as LED lights, all-digital instrument console, alloy wheels, ABS, slipper clutch and extra wide tyres, the Dominar 400 is a star in its own and has no need of proving anything.

Going by the detailed sales reports, it’s clear that with an average 40,000+ sales the Classic 350 is a star performer. On the other hand, the Dominar 400 struggled hard to cross its highest 3216 units sales. While during last month, the motorcycle managed to find homes only in three-digit units. Offering it with an affordable price tag could be beneficial as the sales figures would be different. It's good to go in flow, besides beating the flow in opposite direction.

Bajaj Dominar is capable and a potent product on its own. If Bajaj really wants to grow the sales of Dominar 400 they should stop mocking Royal Enfield motorcycle via TVCs and start new advertising campaigns. In the coming future, Bajaj is going to launch the 2019 Dominar 400 with new double barrel exhaust and USD forks up front.