Redesigned Nissan GT-R Launched in Europe at 79,995 Euros

Following the New York Motor Show debut, redesigned Nissan GT-R has been launched in Europe, while its Australia based model is due for its arrival in September. What's new about this car is its different looks as well as its improved performance that are claimed to be most significant updates from its arrival in 2007.

Interior of the Nissan GTR

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Available in three variants namely, Pure, Recaro and Prestige, the Japanese sports car is to cost you an amount of £79,995 or INR 78.63 Lakhs, £81,995 or INR 80.57 Lakhs, and £82,495 or INR 80.98 Lakhs. In addition, a Track Edition variant has also been offered by NISMO for the price of £91,995 or INR 90.31 Lakhs.

Talking about the updates, it gets a revamped bonnet, bumper, Nissan V-motion grille and fresh daytime running lights at the font end as well as rear also comes attached with new air vents. Moreover, the cabin has also been furnished by a new 8.0-inch infotainment display along with more controls for the navigation. 

Nissan GTR at the rear end

It is a 3.8-litre, twin turbocharged, 6 cylinder V arrangement in trim, which lets the car pushed by a power of 570 Bhp, which has increased after having revised ignition-timing system and extra boost, sourced from GT-R NISMO.

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