Twenty Two Motors to Develop E-Vehicles with Taiwan Based Kymco Motors

Twenty Two Motors which is a newly established Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer has announced its partnership with Kymco Motors- a Taiwan based manufacturer. Together they will be renowned as the Twenty Two Kymco and will be focused for research, development and manufacturing purposes of EVs.

In the Joint Venture, both the firms agreed on bringing Kymco sub-brands- Ionex and Ionex-Commercial to the Indian land. For your reminisce, the Ionex deals in products for customers use while the Ionex-Commercial develops vehicles for commercial purposes. The brand’s Ionex technology allows easy swapping of scooter’s empty batteries with the charged ones. In order to attain this functionality, the batteries were revived not only to reduce weight by 5kgs but also to make them waterproof and easily removable.


In several international markets, Kymco has built infrastructure for Ionex charging stations which allows easy replacement of almost-empty batteries with the fully-charged ones. These charging stations are similar to the conventional fueling stations and require less time to recharge batteries.

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The Indian market has lack of such infrastructure which in turn will make the Kymco adopt a different approach. There are chances that the Flow will keep two lithium-ion battery instead of one. Where one will be a fixed, reserved unit with the travel range of 20kms. While the other will be swappable with the travel range of 160km. The fixed battery will constantly get charged via the removable battery to offer the extra 20kms range to find a charging station.

Parveen Kharb, CEO and co-founder, Twenty Two Motors, said about the collaboration,“Our association will further strengthen our existing expertise which enables us to fulfil our commitment to facilitating the Indian customers with the most innovative and powerful, smart EV vehicles,” Allen Ko, chairman, KYMCO, said, “While Ionex enables consumers to go electric without compromise, businesses and governments need to have reliable solutions for charging stations, removable batteries and related IT support systems before they opt for EVs.And therefore, Ionex Commercial is here to provide a total package to empower and enable all businesses and governments to adopt premium electric mobility”.

It is being expected that the both the brands-the Twenty Two Motors and the Kymco will get benefited with the association. Also, we would be able to see more India-centric advanced electric vehicles. Other than this, both the brands have agreed on rolling out an-all new electric two-wheeler under the Twenty Two Kymco moniker sometime next year.