Volkswagen Offers Year End Discounts On Its Cars

All the car makers are offering different discounts and offers on their cars. And now even Volkswagen has been added to this list. Volkswagen is offering many schemes especially for the Ameo and the Vento. Given below is the list of offers-

Polo - Rs 10,000 Rs 30,000 Rs 50,000 Rs 5.55 lakh to Rs 9.39 lakh  
Ameo Rs 1.50 lakh Rs 10,000 Rs 30,000 Rs 50,000 Rs 5.66 lakh to Rs 10 lakh
Vento Rs 1.50 lakh Rs 10,000 Rs 30,000 Rs 50,000 Rs 8.38 lakh to Rs 14.03 lakh

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Volkswagen is offering loyalty, corporate and exchange bonuses on all of its models and Rs 1.50 lakh can be saved on the Highline DSG automatic version of the Ameo diesel and the Vento’s petrol and diesel variants. But there are no offers on Polo GT.

Given below are the ex-showroom Delhi prices of the automatic variants of the two cars mentioned above.

Volkswagen Ameo TDI DSG

Rs 10 lakh

Volkswagen Vento TSI DSG

Rs 12.69 lakh

Volkswagen Vento TDI DSG

Rs 14.03 lakh