Sony Introduces 2017 Lineup of 4K HDR TVs in India

Sony, the famous Japanese electronics manufacturing firm has unveiled its 2017 line-up of 4K HDR TV in India. The range starts with Rs 72,900 for the 43-inch model and goes up to 17 models across six different series including X95E, X94E/ X93E, X90E, X82E, X75E, and X70E. Most of the TV models will go on sale this week in Sony outlets across the country, whereas, rest of the models will be seen sometime soon in the Indian market.

The most expensive and the biggest model in the range is the 75-inch X94E, which comes with a whopping price tag of Rs 6,04,900. Apart from it, the new X95E is believed to be the company’s new top of the line model with comes with a price tag of Rs. 3,04,900 for the 55-inch model and Rs 4,04,900 for the 65-inch model. Then comes the X93E models, which include a 55-inch variant priced at Rs 2,64,900 and a 65-inch variant priced at Rs 3,64,900.

Sony 2017 lineup for 4K HDR TVs

Moving more downward, you’ll find the X90E series, which comes with a starting price tag of Rs 1,54,900 for the 49-inch model and goes further to Rs 2,04,900 for the 55-inch and Rs 2,84,900  for the 65-inch model. Going more further will get you the X82E series, which comes with a price tag of Rs. 87,900 for 43-inch, Rs. 1,24,900 for the 49-inch, and Rs. 1,54,900 for the 55-inch model.

Last in line is the X70E series, which has been priced at Rs 72,900 for the 43-inch model and you can also opt the bigger 49-inch X70E model, which comes with a price tag of Rs 94,900. The complete lineup lacks the X75E series – in 43-, 49-, 55- and 65-inch variants, which is still not up for pricing and availability details by the company.

Sony 2017 lineup for 4K HDR TVs

Coming back to the X94E series, the reason of its being expensive is not just its size (75-inch), actually, it is blessed with direct LED technology in its panel, which is way too different from the edge LED technology in rest of the 2017 Sony models. This technology means that the LEDs are housed behind the panel for better contrast and brightness. Furthermore, the X90E series in the new lineup also comes coupled with this technology.

The X95E and X93E series of the new lineup come with edge LED technology, and to compensate this, the company is offering "Slim Backlight Drive+", which has been claimed to provide enhanced brightness and more accurate local dimming control. According to the company, the series above X90E of the Sony 4K HDR TVs also features better systems for picture processing, and clarity, and contrast enhancement.

Sony 2017 lineup for 4K HDR TVs

Connectivity options on X82E onwards include four HDMI inputs, in which two are placed on the side and two at back on the X82E series models, in X90E models three are housed on the side and one on the back and in the X93E, X94E, and X95E, one is placed on the side and three at the bottom of them. The lower X70E Series models pack a total number of three HDMI inputs, which includes two on the side and one at the back of it.

The complete new lineup runs Android TV 7.0 Nougat along with Sony’s own UI on the top of it. The remote has also been developed considering the Android aspects and features separate buttons for Netflix, Google Play Store, and YouTube. The new 2017 Android TV lineup is a part of Netflix’s recommended programme.