Lenovo Z6 Pro to Take 100MP Images: Hints VP

VP Chang Cheng posted a Lenovo Z6 Pro image with a hashtag in Chinese which when translated means billion pixels by which it is speculated that the smartphone will be capable of taking 100MP images. It has been seen that Chineses companies write the numbers in different way and a famous Chinese tech publication said that the hashtag means 100 million pixels.

Before few weeks, Qualcomm announced that its processors will support the images with more than 100MP of resolution. The feature, the company is talking about is only possible if the smartphone can combine single frame multiple shots and make a single large photo. The Lenovo Z6 is speculated to be launched at anytime in June 2019.

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Expected features of the Lenovo Z6 Pro camera

The Lenovo Z6 Pro has been teased with a hashtag which means “billion level pixels”. A leading website claims the hashtag to be 100 million pixels or 100-megapixels. By this it is being speculated that the smartphone might take large images and this is not the first time the company is taking about the “100-megapixel”. We have to wait for the company to confirm it and translate it.

If seen, it can also be a publicity stunt by the VP to make rumors around of the Lenovo Z6 Pro and no such feature might be present. Cheng also posted a video which teases about the hyper video and super macro abilities of the smartphone. The video was posted on a leading Chinese website.

Most of the specifications of the Lenovo Z6 Pro are underwrap. But as per the speculations, the smartphone might come with 5G support and after that a non-5G variant of the Z6 Pro will also be launched. The company did not say anything about the processor the smartphone will carry inside it.

But as per the rumors, it might be the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC which is same as the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT which was launched in December 2018, and have up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro will be available anytime in June this year. The company was going to make an announcement but there is no detail about it till now. And now it seems that we are getting only Cheng’s teaser.