OnePlus 5G Phone to Launch in June 2019

OnePlus has rolled up its sleeves to launch the 5G smartphone in Finland. The company announced that the 5G phone will start marketing by June 2019 in association with the Elisa. Elisa comes in the top mobile service provider in the country. As per OnePlus, Elisa will be among the first operators across the world which will launch a 5G network. Both the companies are working together for many years and as per a statement, Elisa is the only network operator with which OnePlus is associated with. The companies said that OnePlus smartphones are the best-selling models of Elisa for more than 2 years.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus talked about the 5G phone at MWC 2018 which was held in Shanghai for the very first time and at the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit which was held in October, he confirmed the news. He also said that the 5G smartphone will be launched before June 2019. From a few months, many news emerged which stated that it will be the standalone model and not the OnePlus 7 which will be the successor of OnePlus 6T. The company also said that the price sticker of 5G smartphone will be $200-$300 more than the running model.

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A few days back, OnePlus said that along with Qualcomm, a prototype of 5G smartphone will be showcased at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 which will be held in Barcelona in next week. While talking about the benefits of the 5G network, OnePlus also indicated that gaming might be a major demonstration. Qualcomm will showcase its 5G modems and cellular device with a live 5G network at the trade show.

OnePlus before few days also announced that they have associated with EE to launch the 5G OnePlus phones which has not been named yet in the UK in 2019 and also stated that it will be the very first 5G smartphone to be sold there. The company is trying its best to increase their partnership across the world.

The company has not yet uttered a word about rolling the 5G device in India. The carriers have not also announced the solid 5G launch plans and it looks like that it will not happen very soon.