Ambassador new look soon going to introduce in 2013-2014

A few years back Hindustan Motors Ambassador were seen running flawlessly on Indian roads but now company is in bad phase, so to grab that hold in the market company is renovating its model.

The company is planning to launch its next generation hatchback car in the mid of 2013-2014. Hindustan Motors CEO says that with great emphasis engineers and designers are working on this project and also disclosed that the car is equipped with all the features and new generation people will love its new design.

The interior will be loaded with high tech technologies gadgets and will look fantastic. The Company may change slightly in car design, the research continues. The new model will not have its own name it will be sold with the brand name of Ambassador only. By June end it will replace the existing Ambassador BS 3 by new BS 4 ambassadors diesel variants.

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21st, Mar 2013 7:31 PM
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