Ford and Honda are Hinges on Two Models

American automobile company Ford has only one car model 'Figo' that is giving above average performance. So success of Eco Sport is very necessary for Ford to come in volume game. Japanese company Honda is coming first time with diesel sedan car that is less than 4 meters. These two companies has the most growing series in the present era. So time and environment both are favorable for Honda and Ford.

New upcoming models are very important for Honda and Ford:

These two companies are trying hard to launch new models as they are present since a long time in the market. Where one side Ford India is excited about its compact utility sports vehicle (SUV) 'Eco Sport' and other side Honda cars its not dropping a single effort to launch its first diesel car 'Amaze'.

Both companies are soon going to launch these two vehicles in the market. They are very important in terms of future in the Indian market. Auto experts has said that if Ford and Honda want to play a long inning than it is very important to get success for these models. At current time Ford has only hatch back Figo which has given above average performance so the company has much expectations from Eco Sport. And at the other side Honda has small sedan Amaze to launch in diesel version. So market strategy is set for both the companies.

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20th, Mar 2013 4:34 PM
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