1984 MR2 to Make an 'Electric' Comeback

In 1984, as the world gasped in awe of the insane Macintosh Advertisement, Toyota MR2 was busy hogging its own limelight. The compact sports coupe was the first of its kind mid-engined affordable sports car. Owing to its sleek design coupled with a very affordable price tag, there was little time before it became the number 1 crowd puller on streets and roads across the world. And if reports are to believed, the MR2 is making a comeback. If all goes according to plan and mutual consensus at Toyota Headquarters, car enthusiasts might even witness the comeback of the legendary ‘Three Brother’. Reportedly, the famous Three Brother trio comprised of Celica, Supra, and MR2 sports cars.

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The Final Piece in The Puzzle

Matt Harrison, Marketing Head for Toyota Europe, while addressing the media and experts at the Paris Motor Show shared that MR2 comeback was for now in the ‘discussion stage. But one could definitely feel a growing positive consensus towards the move within the company. Most importantly Akio Toyoda, President Toyota Motor Corporation, wants to see the trio of ‘Three Brother’ reintroduced to the Toyota lineup. Reportedly, Toyota Supra is awaiting launch sooner than later and there is already GT86 in the current lineup which is the modern equivalent of the Celica. The MR2 in all likelihood will be the final piece in the puzzle.

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An Electric MR2

Speculations are rife that the new MR2 will be an all-electric offering. There are good reasons to believe in the rumour. These include

  • Rear mid-engined MR2 design layout would perfectly complement the close-packed electric motor.
  • Batteries could be floor-mounted which would render easy handling with a lower center of gravity
  • Just like old times, the instant Torque will foster higher acceleration and easy manoeuvrability.

Last but not least, MR2 could be launched as the flag bearer for the lineup of Toyota electric trims. The electric market is a boiling pot of some sort with no particular established niche mass-market offering. Toyota has both time and an upbeat in-house team of EV designers and engineers to steer a comeback seen by few in the auto industry.