BMW Starts Affordable after Sales Service Program ‘X1 Service Package’

BMW has plans to offer to its customers the after-sales service program at a much affordable rate, viz, under Re 1 per km. This is a very special service program which is being offered by the automobile giant ‘BMW’. This special service program is called ‘Joy Rewards’ which is an after-sales program benefiting both on service costs and parts. This offer is going to benefit all owners of BMW cars in the Country.

This special service program was first launched last month but has got updated today. The new cost of service initiative announced today for the entire range of BMW vehicles has now enhanced the quality of the service as well as has added to the astonishment of the Customers and BMW owners in the Country. Under the BMW Service Inclusive Package, the service cost for petrol and diesel variants are varied. It is 97 paise per km for petrol variants and Rs.1.38 per km for diesel engine vehicles. The Service package has also come under the influence of this special service program and in effect to it, the cost of service package has also been reduced by 50% and the customers have been offered with a number of services packed in one which would be dependent on the duration and the mileage which they choose/opt.

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What all services would be provided in this BMW Service Inclusive?

All types of maintenance work on the car such as standard checks, engine oil change along with replacement of air filters, fuel filters, plugs and brake fluid are offered in this special service program. The service program is a complete service package and has been designed keeping in mind the customer’s demands in terms of duration and mileage, which extends from 3 years and 40,000 kms to 10 years and 2,00,000 kms. The facility is also there to change, upgrade and extend or even get the service transferred to the next owner in the event of the sale of the vehicle.

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Now, let us discuss the package. The package includes:

  • For BMW X1 petrol variant, the cost is Rs.38,800 at 97 paise per km for 3 years or 40,000 kms whichever is earlier.
  • For BMW X1 diesel variant, the cost goes higher up to Rs.55,400 or Rs.1.38 per km.
  • For the BMW 3 Series petrol, the service package costs Rs.39,600, which would be 99 paise per km.
  • For the BMW 3 Series diesel, the package costs Rs.56,500 or Rs.1.51 per km.

As per the earlier announcements in context of BMW, ‘Joy Rewards’ facility is also being offered on selected parts and labour charges under condition based service, battery replacement, certain suspension parts, front and rear brakes and brake fluid along with spark plug, air filter, fuel filter and engine oil.

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BMW declares and claims at the same time that all the after sales services would be given by the hands of experienced and responsible service personnel for the assurance that each customer receives the optimum service in terms of quality, warranty, parts and accessories.