Check out the Cars in Demand in November 2018

Maruti Vitara Brezza is still ruling the sub-compact SUV segment as per the sales reports of the November month. In sub-compact SUV segment, there is a degradation in monthly basis for each single model and producer can see this degradation in the units sold. More than 50% of market share is still kept by Brezza and the Mahindra TUV300 is facing problems because of big loss in November.

Given below is the report of November -

Car ModelsNovember 2018October 2018MoM GrowthMarket share current(%)Market share (% last year)YoY mkt share (%)Average sales (6 months)
Maruti Vitara Brezza 14378 15832 -9.18 54.02 48.59 5.43 1380
Tata Nexon 4224 4608 -8.33 15.87 13.99 1.88 4269
Ford EcoSport 2724 3957 -31.15 10.23 18.39 -8.16 3825
Honda WR-V 2786 3253 -14.35 10.46 11.83 -1.37 2909
Mahindra TUV300 992 2113 -53.05 3.72 7.17 -3.45 1793
Ford Freestyle 1508 1929 -21.82 5.66 0 5.66 2168


  • The demand for sub-compact SUV is degrading from the last three months: the sales have improved in October for many models but the demand has reduced after the festive season. The November sales figure is less than the September figures as per the cars listed.
  • Winner Vitara Brezza: the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is the only car which crossed the sale of more than five figures. The monthly growth of Brezza is -9.18 per cent but also in November more than 14,000 units were sold.
  • Tata Nexon holds the second spot: Tata Nexon successfully spotted the second place, the monthly growth of Nexon is -8.33 per cent but also sold 4000 units.
  • Consumers losing interest in EcoSport? : There was a battle for third position between Ford EcoSport and Honda WR-V. And this spot is taken by the Honda WR-V which sold 2786 units having month-on-month growth of -14.35%. The Ford EcoSport which was third spot in the list slipped down to fourth position with negative growth of -31.15 percent and sold 2724 units.
  • Mahindra TUV-300 demand in free-fall: there was a negative growth of -21.82 percent suffered by the Ford Freestyle and sold 1508 units which say that it is not the lowest-selling car in the segment. But the lowest-selling car tag goes to the Mahindra TUV-300 whose growth was -53.05 percent and sold less than 1000 units.

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Overall, the sales of sub-compact SUV saw a decrease by 16.02 percent in November. Many cars are giving discounts and benefits in the Christmas Eve and some have already announced about the growth of price in January 2019. The people who are thinking of keeping their new car for the long term, there is a advice for them to purchase the MY2019 car before the end of the year. You can also buy an MY2018 car and get registered in 2019 but you will not be able to impact the car’s resale value by much.