Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer Feely Unleashes New 450cc Bike

China-based automaker Feely has unveiled a supersport that is known as the Feely 450. Painted in the red and white colour scheme, it is a decent looking supersport whose front end make us remind of the Kawasaki Ninja H2. As the name suggests, it is a motorcycle with 450 cc displacement which comes in mechanism with water-cooled twin cylinder engine. Mated to a six-speed transmission, the engine churns out 36 bhp and 35.25 Nm of peak torque.

One of the popular Chinese automotive brands, the Zongshen developed the engine for the Feely 450. However, the official specs are not revealed by the company though the details which emerged are the affixment of LED lights along with ‘Never Stop’ on either side. The instrument cluster is an orthodox unit with has a circular tachometer and small digital display for the speedometer and the odometer. In addition to this, there is a gear position indicator as well.

Feely 450cc Rear

Besides, the Feely 450 there are a few more motorcycles lined up for their showcase in the coming months. They will be an adventure and naked street bikes. The adventure offering is expected to be packed with a 417cc twin-cylinder engine. Whereas, the naked street fighter could be misunderstood by the Honda CB300R. In addition to this, a 320 cc adventure bike is also in consideration.