Hero Electric Foresees Pune Roads With Eco-friendly Electric Bikes

  • 22nd, Feb 2019 4:15 PM
  • Resham Aswani
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Hero electric an indeed eco-friendly invention in the two-wheeler segment. Hero Electric is a pioneer in empowering the government plan - “All - electric by 2030” with intent to serve a pollution free key to all your transportation necessities. The initial step will be taken from the city of lighthouses-Pune, Maharashtra, tabbed by Niti Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) and the RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute, US) to popularise and motivate electric vehicles immensely.

Hero Electric in association with RMI will be launching the Pristine Pune program to develop Pune the first ‘electrified’ city in the two-wheeler portion. The Pristine Pune program will not only curtail air pollution by replacing the petrol powered bikes but also dwindle the noise pollution by brooming away the old decrepit two-wheelers from the roads & capturing the attention of every Punekar to the benefits, pleasure, and handiness of having an electric vehicle.

For the great success of this program, E-Bike experience circuits will be assembled by the squads of Hero electric in every big housing society to give demos of this zero-polluting electric two-wheeler. Housing societies having more than 50 electric bikes will also be given a charging station of their own by the Hero electric company.

Hero Electric Photon Red

Hero electric focus at bestowing safety riding tips to teens between 16 to 18 years who will be given a special driving license under the notification from Ministry of road and surface transport to validate them to drive these electric vehicles. Hero electric aims at electrification of two-wheelers and speedy adoption of electric two-wheelers by looming bulk buyers

“The unique exchange offers Rs. 6,000 extra, over the current market value of the old and rickety two-wheelers for the buyers of electric two-wheelers, has become a big hit in many states and will also be heavily promoted in Pune during the ‘PRISTINE PUNE’ program. Pune has close to 28 lacs two-wheelers 60% of which are older than 5 years. They are not only fuel guzzlers but also highly polluting. Replacement of a mere 10000 such two-wheelers will have the same effect as 30000 full grown trees”, says Gill, CEO, Hero Electric. “We hope the city takes advantage of this unique exchange scheme and sheds off these smoke monsters.”