Honda Announces Six New Cars For India by 2020 At Tokyo Motor Show

One of the noted Japanese automakers Honda at proceeding Tokyo Motor Show revealed its plans for the Indian market. The company has a plan of introducing six new cars in the country in next three years by 2020.

The remain is clear from the statement made by Takahiro Hachigo, president and representative director, CEO Honda Motor Co. Ltd at the event that said,"Honda has no plans to bring in battery electric vehicles to India yet, but will certainly consider bringing in more hybrid vehicles to India. Of the six new models coming to India in the next three years, we are considering hybrids too but cannot confirm anything right now. Hybrids are more sensible, more usable and the strategy depends on what customers can use and not what the government dictates."

He further added, the cars which will hit the Indian dealerships in coming future will be (completely knocked down) units. Means only the assembling of models will take place at the India based facility of the brand. They would not be manufactured from the scratch.

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Other than this, the petrol and hybrid cars are Honda’s major priorities for the Indian market and they are not intending to add more diesel options for Indian lineup anytime soon. Also, they are focusing on electrified 65 percent of its cars by 2030. As reports suggest, from the mentioned share of 65 percent, the 50 percent of the products will be hybrid and remaining 15 percent will be electric and fuel cell.

However, there is no revealing of car models by Honda official at the ongoing motor show. Still, the chances are we can witness next-gen Civic and the CR-V anytime soon in near future. Initially, the upcoming six models will be landed to the Indian shores via CKD route, but later in time, the company will tend to start localization in those cars.