Honda Navi Moto Scooter Sales Steeply Down

Honda Navi moto-scooter which was initially showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo Show. The company sold 1 lakh units of Honda Navi almost two and half years which showing a poor sales performance of the vehicle. Honda Navi is a combination of scooter and bike, though it looks like a bike but the engine of the moto-scooter inspired from the Honda Activa. It c
It comes without gear.

The figures are representing that the sales of the moto- scooter have declined significantly the last update we received in July in the previous year from Navi. The company sold 1 and 0 units of Honda Navi in November 2018 and December 2018 respectively. Due to low- sales from the last two months, the company is thinking to stop the production of Honda Navi. So one question is coming in everyone mind is that Honda Navi discontinued

It has been rumored that Honda is currently working to update the Navi to compliance with new safety rules that will start from April 1, 2019. As per the Supreme Court, the automobile manufacturers have to follow the new safety rules two-wheelers below 125cc engine should be equipped with the combi-brake system, however, two-wheelers above 125cc engine must be equipped with Anti Lock Braking System as compulsory for the safety of riders.

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Once a while Honda had to discontinue the production of Navi when the government introduced the BS IV norms as mandatory. At that point, the dealer sold the BS3 stock at very high prices and unfortunately when the new norms came into effect the huge stock of BS3 were left. Once the company was disappointed with this and don't want to repeat the mistake again so the Honda will be planning to launch the modified Navi before the implementation of new safety rules till then all stock of outdated Navi is sold by dealers without providing discounts on a vehicle.