India Made Toyota Etios Scores Four Star Ratings in NCAP Crash Test

The Global New Car Assessment Program (GNCAP) that conducts the crash test for cars, in its latest round of crash tests, examined two of made-in-India cars-Toyota Etios and Datsun Go+ in association with AA South Africa under ‘Safer Cars for Africa’ initiative. Earlier, a similar programme was conducted by GNCAP in India under ‘Safer Cars for India’ to evaluate Indian cars.

India made Toyota Etios Liva that was tested in the frontal crash at the speed of 64Kmph got 4-star rating in the crash test. In the test, the hatchback certified stable and performed its best in terms of occupants protection but in child safety test, the same car bagged three-star rating that according to the manufacturer, it used child seats.

In the same event, another made-in-India car was the Datsun Go+ that failed miserably and scored only one-star rating. Certified unstable in the frontal crash test, the Go+ hatchback from the Datsun stable found not safe as the steering wheel impact on the driver’s chest was pretty high. Though, in the child safety test, the car performed well and scored two stars.

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The Go variant of the same in a crash test conducted in South Africa in September 2016, failed horribly and got 0/135 score.

Other than these models, there were other models such as Volkswagen Polo Vivo, Renault Sandero and Chery QQ3 in the crash test event. Out of which, the Polo and Sandero obtained three stars whereas the Chery QQ3 ranked last with a ‘zero’ star rating.