Jaguar Land Rover to Commence Semi Autonomous Tech Test Soon

The idea of both connected and autonomous driving technologies aren’t new to us as we have already witnessed these with a list of automakers such as Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, etc. Like we have earlier reported that Jaguar Land Rover has started working on these technologies, the news is now being confirmed with an announcement by the company executives. The company declared that they intend to start testing more than 100 self-driving and connected cars for the development, over the next four years.

Jaguar Land Rover to Launch Self Driving Cars Soon

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Well, the real-world testing of the research cars will be driven later this year on a new 41 miles of motorways and urban roads around Jaguar Land Rover’s home facilities in Coventry and Solihull. In order to enhance driver-assistance technologies, the initial tests will mainly focus on Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems that enable both cars and motorists to have communication with each other as well as answer to the real time information conveyed by other surrounding sources like traffic signs, cars and road facilities.

What exactly Jaguar is doing is, advancing the lane keeping assist or drive assist system in the car to identify a path via the construction and hold in its positions. Besides, the carmaker will also provide Roadwork Assist that uses an image processing software and a forward facing stereo camera to spot cones and barriers in construction zones and back off. 

Jaguar Land Rover to Introduce Semi Autonomous Cars Soon

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"Our connected and automated technology could help improve traffic flow, cut congestion and reduce the potential for accidents. We will also improve the driving experience, with drivers able to choose how much support and assistance they need. In traffic, for example, the driver could choose autonomy assist during tedious or stressful parts of the journey," stated by Tony Harper, Head of Research, Jaguar Land Rover.

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