Jaguar to bring XJ Electric by 2020, might go all-electric by 2027

  • 20th, Oct 2018 11:00 AM
  • Atul Mittal
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According to news, Jaguar Land Rover owners are planning to transform the brand into an all-electric company by producing electric variants all of its vehicles within the next ten years. An outline strategy produced by the company’s planning team suggests that the conventional Jaguar vehicles would be replaced with fully electric cars over the period of the next few years.

In the upgrade process, the popular XJ is expected to be replaced by a fully-electric luxury sedan, which might be launched by 2020. The car will compete against the likes of the upcoming Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. Likely to be named the XJ Electric, the new car will be upgraded in terms of the interior, look and ride comfort while still offering the power of the original 1967 model.

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It is also being estimated that the XJ Electric will be a complete luxury car that will offer an electric, no-pollution option to the segment buyers. The electric car might offer a better alternative to the buyers of cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-class.

The purpose of Jaguar behind building an all-electric luxury car is probably to take on rivals by offering a completely electric luxury vehicle in a segment where customers actually mind envoronmet-friendliness and each car can offer more profit than other lower segment vehicles.

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In the series of old Jaguar cars to be replaced by all-electric vehicles, other major contenders are the XE and XF, which could be suspended by 2023 and replaced by an electric crossover to take on the Audi E-tron. The company will also introduce the latest I-Pace by 2025 as a replacement of the popular E-Pace and F-Pace cars.

As per rough estimation, the company might turn all-electric on or before 2026, except for the J-Pace crossover which will get an electric replacement by 2027 or so.

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The company might also be working on a fully electric sports car as a replacement for the Jaguar F-Type which is likely to b discontinued in the 2020s.

As per the report presented by the company’s product planning team, an all-electric line-up containing four to five new models could help Jaguar sell up to 3,00,000 units every year, thanks to the rising trend of luxury electric vehicles and higher retail value in the market.

SD: Jaguar is all set to go all-electric by launching electric variants of all its luxury and sports car by the next decade. The XJ Electric might be introduced by 2020.