Mahindra’s Electric Hypercar: Automobili Pininfarina Expects 2020 Debut

India based car manufacturer has introduced a new company named Automobili Pininfarina in Europe. The aim is to undertake high-performance, luxury electric vehicles category. Mahindra has made the company to be led by Michael Perschke, former managing director, Audi India.

The Indian carmaker as well declared that the newly established company will launch its first product, which will be a Pininfarina badged electric hypercar, in 2020. The company mentions that it will get the expertise of Mahindra in Formula E racing and Pininfarina in designing cars.

Anand Mahindra, chairman, Mahindra Group says that the hypercar will destine to a niche market and won’t be produced in bulk numbers. Pininfarina is a popular firm in making a well-known design which is famous for unique style and real beauty.

He says, “Drawing upon the pedigree and design vocabulary of the Pininfarina aesthetic heritage we will develop a rare collector’s item that only a handful of connoisseurs will ever own.”

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It is aimed to be an innovative and high approach product which takes power from a high technology. The Mahindra group has a big stake concerning the electric vehicles. “They are the future, and when power, beauty, and high-end EV technology come together in one car – that will be the perfect luxury vehicle, that will give car lovers the freedom to roam without impacting the planet adversely.”