McLaren To Open First Outlet In India

McLaren, the well-known brand which makes sports car globally is thinking to establish its dealership in India to start a new venture here. The report suggests that Mclaren is discussing the matter with Select Cars Delhi which is an official dealer of big brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mini, Aston Martin and BMW in India. Although, McLaren has not announced officially in this regard yet.

As mentioned in media previously, the company plans to market sell of 10 units in a year only. The first RHD (right-hand drive) model of McLaren 720S was currently brought into India by Adar Poonawalla.

Although, the other two left-hand drive models of the company in India have been returned back to the country of origin finally. While the RHD model of the 720S is going to stay here and is from the 400 units manufactured by the company ever.

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The entry-level Sports Series in India by the McLaren comprises the 570S Spider, 570GT, 570S Coupe and the 540C. The presently imported McLaren 720S is from the Super Series lineup.