First Morgan Aero GT Gets Ready For Delivery

Morgan Motor Company unveiled the most intense road-going variant to date, the Aero GT during the Geneva Motor Show. Now, the first variant of the Morgan Aero GT edition has finished production line and ready for the launch. The company will manufacture only eight Aero GT units and all vehicles will be built as per the customer specifications. With the Aero GT launch, the company stopped the iconic and 2-door convertible Aero 8 production that watched a career extension from 2001-2017. It is manufactured special by the Morgan Special Projects department of the company, the Morgan Aero GT obtains inspiration from the combative aerodynamic profiles visible in Morgan's 2009 GT3 race car.

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Steve Morris, MD at Morgan Motor Company mentioned in the statement, "Every Morgan is built to an exacting specification and is bespoke to each customer and the first Aero GT off the production line looks superb in every way. It was a pleasure to reveal the car to the world just a few weeks ago, to see the first car leave the factory is an honor and I know the new owner will be delighted when they take delivery."

The body panels of the Aero GT are constructed in a manner to show fine lines revealing the elegance which has been put in it. The surfacing of the car’s panel was made using computational fluid dynamics simulation before the full-scale validation. Every panel of the car is developed through the technologically enhanced super-forming steps, ahead of hand-finished and transformed as the Aero GT panels. Bragging its specialty, every customer will be having an individual design consultancy with Jon Wells ahead of the car comes under production.

The first customer car to be finished is in Miami Blue which completely complements the combative body styling very unique to the Aero GT.

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Front includes wing top louver vents and the canard details to make low-pressure side to the Aero body. At the back side, the dramatic diffuser shorts out air pressure from the downside of the vehicle, enhancing rear downforce and shorts out the visual weight at the back. The interior of the car is painted with pinstripe accents and pinstripe accents, and a variable option of wood.

It takes power from 367bhp, BMW N62, a naturally-aspirated V8 engine which touches a top speed of 273kmph and reaches idle to 100kmph in just 4.5 seconds. Each Aero GT will be developed along with the latest adjustable suspension of the company and occupies manual transmission. To again recall, this variant will be restricted to 8 units only.