New Audi A1 Hatchback Spied While Testing

The latest version of the Audi A1 is about to introduce sometime in this year afterward, although the official date is not announced by the company yet. The new hatchback is caught while doing cold-weather tests in Scandinavia.
This new Audi A1 will be present in five-door Sportback look only. The three-door model is foregoing and an all-electric or other plugin-hybrid variants will also not be available in the market from now. A mild-hybrid variant will be accessible and the model offers electric power to different collections but is not able to provide an emission-free driving.

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Coming to the equipment setup, the hatchback is powered by a 1.4-litre motor which is replacing a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine. The existing 150bhp version of the hatchback is also replaced by an equally powerful 1.5-litre unit. The existing 1.8-litre TSFI generating 192 bhp will be taking the place of a new 2-litre engine producing 200bhp of power and probably will be tuned to a new S1 generating 250bhp.

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Concerning dimensions and design, the new Audi A1 will be more decent, more noticeable, along with a lower and wider posture and a more powerful and a somewhat longer wheelbase. The new car takes inspiration from the stiffer and lighter MQ platform and will be provided with an improved LED lights covering the body and an adjustable chassis. Deviating from today, the below S1 model will receive all-wheel drive and although it is exclusively available with the current model.