New Kia K900 Luxury Sedan Expects Global Debut Soon

Kia has continuously been showcasing the artist impressions and teaser images of 2nd generation K900 luxury Sedan from a few days back. Now, the manufacturer has released images of the Sedan on the official website.

It was declared to launch the car at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, but its official revealing suggests the launch soon.

Kia is putting so many efforts in updating itself as a more desirable, dynamic, and excellent brand in past few years, and the tag of being a car maker of the cheap and cheerful vehicle in the market is completely behind it.

Although, the company’s motive to make a luxury vehicle like Mercedes and BMW in Sedan segment in relation to the K900 has not got that much success. But with the sales number of the K900 from its launch in 2012, the company is not letting it go and accepting the defeat by anyways.

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If the company has created the new K900 to make a distinct role in the market, the likes would not be similar to the BMW 7 series as the design of the new generation is saying a different story. Everything about the company is extremely German, but without the Kia badge, the company looks just similar as inspired by a Maybach. The car takes an interior with manual rotate dial functioning like a clock from Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix and customizable mood lighting.

Instead of good and luxurious interior setup, the new K900 has a long battle to fight to go against buyers from the BMW and Mercedes in the specific market. The company’s Stringer is a great way to reach the customers showing brand name to the next generation. But the luxury Sedan from the Kia badge has weighed a lot which means the company has to work on it to cut out to meet the reduced weight requirements.

The car is expected to launch globally at the upcoming the New York International Auto Show on 28 March 2018 and will definitely reach the global market in the 2nd quarter of 2018.