2020 Royal Enfield Classic Coming With BS6 Engine New Exhaust LED Lights

  • 26th, Mar 2019 1:05 PM
  • Mayank Sharma
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For the first time, the news of Royal Enfield is updating its entire lineup with a new platform and a new powertrain was surfaced last year. Following the same, the company has plans of launching up to 12 new motorcycles in the next 3 year. All the models will underpin the new chassis. However, ready to launch today the Scrambler/ Trails is probably not the part of the above-mentioned plan.

Furthermore, a new Royal Enfield Classic 350 or 500 spotted testing. In terms of looks, however, the motorcycle was evidently similar to current RE Classic range. Although, the red no plate and closer inspection confirmed the motorcycle as the next generation model of the outgoing Classic series. Among updates, the motorcycle was embellished with a new exhaust unit and an LED tail lamp which was encased in a round barrel like structure with a chrome bezel, similar to appear on the current Classic series.

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The rear placed nitrox suspension seems replaced with more conventional shock absorbers. There are chances it could be a temporary fitment as the company may be trying different options with the new platform. The swingarm here was also a redesigned unit in order to comply with the new exhaust. The braking department has also been altered with the rear disc placement to the right of the wheel, which means the model gets chain setup on the left side. Vice versa of the setup in the current model. The test mule was without a kick, hinting a redesigned UCE engine, probably updated for the upcoming more stringent BS6 emission norms. Seats also were different in look.

All in all, the next-generation Royal Enfield Classic will not only get a new powertrain but also rest on an all-new platform. Also, there will be a number of altered or new cycle parts. According to the sources, the forthcoming would be a more refined Classic trim ever and will be almost vibration free bike. Also, the top speed and mileage figures for the bike are also reportedly increased. The Royal Enfield fans who always want a refined and vibration free Classic, it’s good news for them. And the brand’s timing of updating its most selling Classic range is great as the Jawa Motorcycles has also entered the market and about to start deliveries soon. The 2020 RE Classics are expected to launch in 2020 before the implementation of the BS6 norms on 1st April 2020.

Source: Image: PowerDrift