Volvo Concept 26 Displayed with Self Driving Features

After automobile brands like Tesla Motors and Mercedes, yet another company is here with an autonomous car. We are talking about Volvo that has recently revealed Concept 26 at an official event. The name has been derived from the fact that Americans spend an average of 26 minutes to reach their work place. Through this concept, the automaker aims at enabling the people to save their commute time so that it can be utilised for other purposes, for which u don't get enough time like playing games on their device or watching your favourite action packed TV Series.

Although, the car is not fully autonomous, there are different modes namely Drive, Create and Relax, which let the occupant take a break in case he/she gets tired or wishes to do so. In the Drive Mode, it will let you take control over the steering and distractions are kept away.

Volvo Concept 26 Create Mode

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In case you select the Create mode, the steering will retract into the console and the driving seat will be pushed back. Along with this, a 25-inch flat screen appears on the dashboard and a tablet on the centre console also slides back in a way that the driver has easy access to navigation and various other functions. Even devices like iPads or laptops can be connected and the content is available for display on the monitor. In this mode, you can also use a temporary table, which is retractable and is an optional facility.

Volvo Concept 26 Relax Mode

Moving on to the relax mode, you get to lean backwards in a way that the screen on the dash pad is more conveniently visible. The table moves back to its original position and you can sit back doing nothing or spend time watching videos. The seats are extremely comfortable, thereby giving you an ultimate luxurious feel. As of now it's just a concept, but the company is aiming at installing this autonomous technology in 100 units of XC90 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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