Lenovo Yanked into Court by Laptop Owners for Injecting Visual Adware

It seems like the bad time has begun for the popular PC maker Lenovo. The company recently talked for pre-installing its devices with a Superfish Adware program. This Software is capable in injecting visual Ads in Google search and reading your secure browsing data. All of these are reasons of malicious attack on Lenovo PCs.

All aggrieved Lenovo devices’ owners decided to drag the maker into court for making their PCs vulnerable to malware. One of the disgruntled users, Jessica Bennett has filed a lawsuit against the firm for vandalizing the device and the cause for this damage has been told by her as spyware in document.

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She decried Lenovo and Superfish both for capturing her laptop’s private and secure browsing data. However, the PC manufacturer admitted its fault, but few systems which had been sold already are still affected from such malware. Later, some fixes have been introduced to remove the Adware and the certificate permanently.

Lenovo in Court for Installing Malicious Adware

G Series, U Series, Y Series, Z Series, S Series, Flex, Miix, Yoga and E Series are few names in the list of affected devices. If you own the one, then be aware to allow such third party users to hijack your browsing data. As per the statement of Bennett, she owned a Yoga 2 laptop and found a "spam advertisements involving scantily clad women" while working on device for her client.

The same issue complained earlier in September 2014, but took as a serious one, when a hacker Marc Rogers posted about this security flaw in a blog post. Lenovo has not commented on this allegation yet, the case has been filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.