PS3 Games to Play on Samsung TV, No need of PlayStation Console

Samsung seems to lure gamers by comprising some kind of innovative idea in its smart TVs. For the reason, the Company has gone to another tech giant Sony, and then both have come together to give a shape to the idea. What if you find your Samsung TV has all PlayStation games, and for this, you don’t need a PlayStation console? Sony’s PlayStation Now Streaming service let gamers to access games on their Internet-connected Samsung TV. However, this is still in its open beta.

Using this service, access the games will become easier, but it needs the Internet connectivity of at least 5Mbps speed. So, to enjoy gaming, you won’t need PS console anymore, you can enjoy it direct from your smart TV. But, you will have to buy a Sony Dualshock controller for the same. There is some catches also. This streaming service will definitely give you the gaming experience without console, but it offers limited games (200 games) of PlayStation 3 titles.

This service will perform impeccably while connected to Internet solely, all other wireless devices shouldn’t be streaming videos. The plus point is, there is no necessity to download games, thanks to cloud. You can stream games from Cloud and then save your progress on the same. This Playstation Now will make its first debut for US and Canada in early 2015. It is said that it will be showcasing at CES 2015 first. Not any other detail has been provided by the Company yet.

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