Google Foldable Smartphone Design surfaced online

Foldable smartphones are in the trend this year for smartphone makers. Samsung and Huawei have already stepped into this trend and launched their very first foldable smartphones. On the other hand, Xiaomi and Oppo have teased their foldable smartphones which are set to launch soon. Now even Google has joined this line and is rumoured to be working on its first foldable smartphone. This can be said because of the WIPO (Google Foldable Smartphone Design Tipped by Patent) patent.

The patent discloses that one more foldable smartphone is under wrap and this time Google is the company to be working on it. In terms of design, the smartphone looks same like the Motorola Razr foldable phone which will most probably launch this year.

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As per the patent, the smartphone has a foldable display which folds inwards. The patent also discloses that the foldable smartphone is in a partially folded configuration and a fully folded. By this, we can say that the phone will come with inward fold.

The patent also has a diagrammatic view of the foldable smartphone of the Google which shows the flexible display sections and a bendable area of the phone. The patent only gives a glimpse of the smartphone but other than this there is no information about the first foldable phone of Samsung.

Samsung, as we know, has already launched its very first foldable phone which is also giving foldable display samples to the companies like Apple and Google.

Note that this is only a patent. Smartphone makers reveal many such patents and among them only a few actually go in the development phase. And if the foldable phone goes under the development then the smartphone might look different from the patent images.

As per the assumptions, Google is working on a foldable smartphone which will be a Pixel-branded. As per the reports, Google is expected to launch the foldable smartphone in around 2020.