LG V50 ThinQ to be First 5G smartphone of LG

5G has become the talking point among everyone because for 2019, it is the big thing for the telecom operators, smartphone makers and chipset manufacturers. Everyone is speculating big on 5G and some companies have already guaranteed to manufacture 5G smartphone this year. Some of them has already done this- OnePlus and Samsung. And now LG will also be added in this lineup by manufacturing LG V50 ThinQ.

As per the rumours, LG is not only going to announce LG G8 in the MWC 2019 but is also speculated to announce its first 5G smartphone LG V50 ThinQ.

It is rumoured that the smartphone will come furnished with the optional X50 5G modem. The smartphone will sport a 6-inch display and will come with a 4000mAh battery. The company has not yet disclosed whether it will use OLED or IPS-LCD panel for the smartphone as LG might switch between the two.

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The LG V50 ThinQ will most probably be launched in Europe and North America first with the price sticker $1163 (approx. Rs 82,985).

As per the reports, the 5G modem of V50 smartphone has some issues related to excess heat due to which the smartphone might have vapour chamber cooler. It has not been known yet why this problem is occurring. Whether it is the side effect of 5G or an issue with the X50 modem or an issue solely of the rumoured smartphone of LG.

After the boring MWC 2018, LG is thinking to make big announcements in MWC 2019.