Oppo Patented Foldable Smartphone Published on World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Website

Many of the smartphone manufacturers from Apple to Oppo have been working on its first foldable smartphones which expected to be launched during this year. A patent had been filed by Oppo in the previous year and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer got approval for the foldable device in the previous year in November. Now, another patent for a foldable smartphone has been filed by Oppo currently which expect to come with pop-up cameras.

An Oppo patent was being published on the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) website recently. According to the patent images, it seems to be a foldable smartphone that has thinner bezels when compared to the earlier prototypes of Oppo. The device is said to feature a large screen which seems to be a foldable smartphone that is to be connected with a hinge in the middle of the device. As per the patent, it is being speculated that the upcoming OPPO foldable smartphone is to be folded from the outside direction. When it is folded, only half of the screen will be utilized at a time.

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As we can see in the patent images of a foldable smartphone that the device features a pop-up camera available on top of the left-hand side which has three sensors. Out of these- one could be for the selfie camera and the remaining two likely for an LED flash unit and a depth-of-field respectively.

The phone is likely to come with a 3D face unlock technology. The same camera system module could be used for the selfie camera or for the primary camera. A fingerprint sensor is not seen on the rear side of the which suggesting that this feature will be missing on it. The USB Type-C charging port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack is positioned on the bottom bezels of the screen while the power keys are available on the top bezels. Lastly, the SIM card tray and volume rocker keys are available on the right-hand side of the device.

Oppo itself not revealed the specific timeline for launching its first foldable smartphone. The company is conducting an event on February 23rd at MWC 2019 where the Oppo might showcase its first foldable device.