What Apple Music is Offering to Indian Music Lovers?

Miracle happens and we have got the chance to experience it. Now, you are probably thinking what I want to epitomize here. We are talking about the Apple Music. The biggest music streaming service has been uncurtained to show its excellence across the globe. iOS 8.4 update has made it possible. Well, the Apple Music is no more alone as the Cupertino based giant has brought it along with Apple Music Radio, iTunes Match, and Beats 1 Radio. Well, if you are thinking about the availability in your nation, then there is a very good news. Surprisingly, Apple has rolled out its music streaming app in 110 countries, and India is the lucky one among them.

Eventually, the service has been outed, but why it is creating such hoopla while the market has horde of music streaming services. Well, the Cupertino juggernaut has put all its effort and talent in Apple Music to make it the best, hence they have given us a "one-stop shop" by stuffing it with bunch of features. As aforementioned, the Apple Music is not all alone, but not every country has received all such services. Well, India has thankfully received all to enjoy.

Apple Music Availability in 110 countries

Initial Step and Rentals for Apple Pay

First off, install the Apple Music. Once the installation ends, you will launch the Music. It then asks for three months of free trial. You can either choose the trial or simply swipe it off and enjoy the music. If you go with the 3 months of free trial, then it will automatically lead you for paying the specified amount when the trial ends.

To make you inform, the Cupertino guys made its Music so cheap to fit in everyone’s pocket. Or you can say that youth will feel relaxed by paying such little amount of penny. Yes, the tech giant will charge Rs. 120 per month for individuals and Rs. 190 per month for family. So, if you are an Apple family, then you can go for the family plan for sure.

Apple Music Membership in India

Apple Music as One-Stop Shop with Bunch of Features

As we told you above, the Apple Music is a one-stop shop for all music lovers. The limit of playlists is endless with millions of tracks in Apple Music Library. Let’s begin with the features Apple Music is offering which I'm trying to jot them down.

For You: Added as a tab in the Music app, this feature will let you to choose the track you love. This tab is created to club all music tracks according to your choice. Simply tap once to like the track or artist or Genre, tap twice to love them; and to swipe it out from the list, simply press and hold the specific track or album.

For You

New: Its name implies about its functionality. It serves you the latest in the list of music album, artists, and genres. So, let’s enjoy the hottest and the popular in the videos, or audio tracks.

Apple Music New

Radio: The feature which you have never imagined, Apple could offer. To quench the thirst of all radio listeners, Apple has brought Radio with iOS 8.4 update. Just tune-in to Beats 1 and enjoy live broadcast of curated, genre-specific radio stations.

Apple Music Radio

Connect: What if following your favorite musician or band is no more a hassle. Yes, with Apple Music, you can do this. The Connect tab let you to connect with your favorite band or artist in a very simple way. So, you can always be in touch with them and their works. You can also like, share and comment on their posts.

Apple Music Connect

My Music: Along with Apple Music Library, you have option of My Music where you can store your favorite tracks to listen them offline also. Well, it has enhanced search ability which is not limited to a single place. It searches everywhere in local library and its own library and then gives you the exact match.

My Music

We will make you clear that you can listen every saved track on any of device. Thanks to iCloud which has given Apple Music the ability to play the track on any other Apple device. It searches the song first in Apple Music Library, if not found, then go to the iTunes and upload the song to your Mac or PC to let you listen your favorite track.

Well, that’s not enough to describe the whole new incredible Apple Music. So, we have made full efforts to abbreviate them in a one article. Let’s share your views with us in comments.