Apple released iOS 9.0.1 Update to fix iOS 9 Bug

After releasing its latest, most secure iOS 9 operating system, Apple has to put on the table a new upgrade. It was not expected earlier from the system to fetch out a bug, but with the sudden hounge, the operating system was emerged with a wide bug that let the users stuck with an unreachable iPhone and iPad. The bug was so huge that the company has admitted the fault. But within short period of time, Apple has come up with the latest update of iOS 9 as iOS 9.0.1, to heel up the wounds created.

It was admitted by the company that the new update puts the iPhone and iPad in halt condition. The users who have not updated the phone can now update it for the safer front. As declared, the iOS 9 is the most secure platform provided till now, but the bug appeared created an unbearable environment. The joyous moment of the great launch of the operating system doesn't came out to be thunder budding. The bug was not an error, but it was asking the phone for a similar update that was not provided by the company at that point of time.

The bug left the people to stuck to "slide to upgrade" screen that always asks for a new upgrade which was not available. It prevented the user to even have a hold upon the gear by locking the screen. One has to either roll down to iOS 8 again or to provide it with a new unwanted update that was not in the queue even. To start fresh, one has to first provide the upgraded iOS 9. more hiccups like the one that prevented some alarms and timers from playing, heels up the sour wounds, as the new update provides an upper edge by improving the interface.  

Apple has thus released iOS 9.0.1 to fetch the exact result out by helping the users to update to the new interface easily. If the user is still stuck with the problem, then the company has a solution for this issue also. Apple's support site has a guide to get your device back to normal. This will surely get you to pass the upgrade screen and will fetch you the desired result for the most secure platform ever made.