HP Launches A New Laptop Screen 'SureView' That Prevent people From Spying

Users cherish their privacy, particularly in these present times where fakes and hacks are regular. That is the reason OEMs are making smartphones with encoded chips, and IM applications are presenting secure conversation features. HP is all set to follow the pattern and has launched its own privacy featured 'SureView' display that aims to give users some security and privacy even while browsing on an extra large screen laptop. HP demoed a display with this element, and what it does is basically cut off viewing angles to give most extreme vision just to the users, and nobody else. This feature will be presented in two tablets - EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 - in September.

HP SureView

This implies different users present around will just see a dark screen, with scarce visuals. The SureView highlight cuts off the light and keeps it from shooting off to the side. This empowers you to see the screen just when you are sitting directly before it, or inside the 70-degree field of vision arc. This is accomplished by cutting 95 percent of light on either side of the laptop.

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In the event that you don't feel so unequivocally about protection, you can switch off the feature manually on the laptop. HP has even presented a keyboard shortcut (F2) to switch Sure View on and off rapidly. The touch-based 1080p display was created by collaborating with 3M (they declared this association a year ago in October), and HP demoed it a week ago. Amid the demo, the feature appeared to work truly well in a faintly lit room. However, the production notes that HP reduces the brightness a lot when Sure View is on, making it hard to read even if you are sitting directly before the screen.

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