Instagram Rolled Out Private Stories Archive And Stories Highlights

The Facebook-owned social networking app Instagram has rolled out two big updates i.e Stories Archive and Stories Highlights for all its users. These two latest added features will enable users to save their stories for future use. This latest feature is now available on Instagram version 25 on Android and iOS.

The Stories Archive enables users to add their stories to the Archive feature, which will automatically save these to the private archive and can be used later in the future. The saved archives can be reshared from the archive to your current Story feed and can also be shared as a post in the feed.

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The another added feature of 'Stories Highlights' provides a new space on your Instagram profile where you can source images from Stories Archive. The archived images will appear on your profile in this new tab and one can add as many highlights as they want from their archive. All these saved images in the form of 'Stories Highlights' will appear as a horizontal scroll bar above your image grid section on Instagram.

To archive the stories, one needs to tap the Archive icon on your profile and from there, one can easily switch between Posts Archive and the new Stories Archive. A date will be indicated alongside the first story of each day and will help you navigate your archive. It must be noted that users all across the globe had been demanding this Archive feature for some time. This feature is also quite similar to the one available on the Snapchat. Previously also Instagram has added many features that are very similar to Snapchat.

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